You are interested in buying a new aircraft for business travel, but have not made up your mind about any particular model yet? You need a capacious business jet with a lot of space both for work and rest? You need an aircraft capable of carrying several dozen passengers with sufficient space left for your comfortable stay? Then the Boeing Business Jet series deserves your attention!

BBJ is a series of large aircraft exclusively focused on the needs of business aviation. This jet has been designed for the high and mighty – those who can proudly identify themselves as global elite, as well as for corporate customers. BBJs have been in demand among private owners and businessmen for some twenty years already. Jets of this class are compact, reliable and mega-comfortable. If there are not more than eight passengers onboard, they can fly in great comfort for many hours over a distance of 12,000+ km, for example, from France to California or from England to South Africa without a single stop for refueling. The standard passenger capacity of Boeing Business Jets is from 25 to 50 travelers. Boeing Business Jets are certified particularly for long-haul flights, including those over boundless expanses of water, and equipped with an advanced avionics system and state-of-the-art satellite navigation devices. Another strong point of BBJ airliners is superb fuel saving. Owing to their winglets the jets consume 5% to 7 % less fuel (notably, winglets are a compulsory design element of BBJ models, while for ordinary Boeings they are optional). BBJs stand out from their series counterparts for additional fuel tanks that add to the aircraft’s self-sufficiency.

If this is exactly the jet of your dream, don’t hesitate to give a free range to your fancy and change the jet’s configuration at your discretion. This is allowed by the cabin’s design flexible for modification.  Boeing Business Jet has sufficient space to ensure ideal conditions not only for work, but for rest as well. Our experienced designer will create an original interior to please your eyes, custom-tailored for each owner. What do you think about this idea? We turn the cabin into a spacious sitting-room, add some solid furniture, and set up a separate study with a fully-equipped work area that any modern office would envy. Owing to new technologies, for example, satellite communications, our customers can hold business negotiations with the whole world from up high in the sky. There will also be space for rest in the cabin (including a bedroom with a luxurious king-size bed), a separate lavatory with a full-size shower cabin, a multifunctional galley and a capacious baggage compartment.

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Nothing is easier! Just contact representatives of Aviav TM (Cofrance SARL). You can do it by phone or online using the order form or the manager chat form. Share the vision of the jet of your dream with our staff-member. Feel free to ask questions and require details. Only thus we will be able to select an ideal Boeing for your business travel.

Bear in mind that online talks are a fine approach only at the initial stage of searching for a jet. A personal meeting will be essential later for order approval and documenting of the deal offline.

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Why our customers like Aviav TM?

Aviav TM (Cofrance SARL) has been present on the aviation market for quite some time now and earned the trust of thousands of jet owners. Following are our main strong points:

  • Aviav TM is the Old World’s leading broker with a wealth of experience and representation offices in 100+ countries worldwide. This is why the service quality and customer management efficiency are at the highest level;
  • We partner with such leading international associations and organizations as ARGUS International (audit leader), Wyvern Ltd. (flight safety), EBAA (European Business Aviation Association), and NBAA (National Business Aviation Association);
  • Our company has a huge fleet of 10,000+ aircraft of any color and equipment to cater to any taste;
  • Aviav TM has an aircraft manufacturing quota with a number of globally renowned producers (including Boeing), and so you can get your desired jet within the shortest possible time;
  • Close cooperation with aircraft producers enables Aviav TM to provide efficient technical support, scheduled maintenance and additional tuning for aircraft;
  • The company operates 24/7;
  • The staff of our company will review all documentation meticulously and exercise the greatest care in contracting procedures;
  • Aviav TM guarantees full confidentiality of contacts with customers;
  • We will ensure accurate financial reporting and legal transparency of all operations for you;
  • A bonus for continued cooperation in the form of an insightful approach to our customers’ wishes and an attractive credit line from Aviav TM.


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